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April 30, 2012

What I feared most about starting this blog

by Kate W. Hall

When I launched this blog, I feared it would be difficult to keep up with.

My fears are realized as I wince seeing the last post date, way over a year ago.

But I’m back, and that’s most important.

The reason? My focus has always been on my “fourth baby,” Shortly after my last blog post I made the difficult decision to return to the corporate world, immediately shredding my “for me” writing into tiny little pieces.

Along with my sanity, the hours seemed to roll away and what few I had left were due to my family and my business blog. As I slowly acquiesced to allowing my writing partners more freedom with, my strategic growth of the site was paramount. New ideas emerged, new writers were welcomed, readers multiplied by the dozens.

In fact, while I was relearning the corporate life after a two-year hiatus of building our brand, my baby bird of a blog was beginning to take flight.

We’ve grown our readership and clients by 150%; that’s some kicking progress. We’ve been asked (& succeeded!) at representing Chevy as one of six nationwide blos chosen at random for their Road Trip Challenge to SXSW. An experience of a lifetime, no doubt.

But I’m determine to share and reflect here. Let’s see if I can stick to it;-)



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