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July 27, 2012

by Kate W. Hall

Great reminder, we’ve got to force ourselves to not push content but to actually present links in such a way to engage!

July 26, 2012

by Kate W. Hall

Gotta investigate!


Stipple is launching its public beta today, allowing anyone to try out its service, which is supposed to turn online pictures into “intelligent images”.

Stipple images can be tagged with links to anything that has a URL, whether it’s other images, videos, or just a citation for the website where a picture originated. One of the main selling points of a service like Stipple, as well as competitors like Luminate and ThingLink, is monetization — the ability to embed advertising or links to e-commerce. So for example, on Stipple you’ll find fashion photos full of links allowing you to buy the products featured in the image. Or pictures of food that link to the different ingredients.

The site used to be focused exclusively on letting advertisers tag editorial photos, but today’s launch marks its transformation into social image-sharing service for consumers too. You can follow other users, “like” their images…

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July 24, 2012

by Kate W. Hall

“a unique company with a specific personality.” I’d take that ;-)

July 24, 2012

by Kate W. Hall


Watch all of Nike’s new ad campaigns “Find Your Greatness” below:

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July 24, 2012

For Advertising Wisdom – Go Fly a Kite

by Kate W. Hall

For Advertising Wisdom – Go Fly a Kite.

July 21, 2012

Wrapping Up our Chevy Road Trip Challenge

by Kate W. Hall

We saw the video footage of our Chevy Road Trip Challenge together, in awe.
Thursday night, Saturday 19, 2012 was a magical night for us.


Six plus months of work, worry, wanton culminated in front of 175+ of our Richmond friends (sold out!) at the Social Media Club of Richmond where we presented with Chevy.

“Team Richmond” aka “Team RVAEpicTales” was the foursome I created: Kelly Vance, Kate Semp, an Monica Horsley. Three women who each came I to my life in a very special way–as a partner, employee, and client respectively–all became dear friends and comrades on our Chevy Road Trip Challenge Adventure.



Shown here at our welcome party at SXSW 2012, we celebrated 1500+ miles, dozens of blog posts, hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts and countless hours committed to our experience. Here, we learned to brand from a hyper-local blog to one of five teams chosen for a national challenge at random.

This night was truly the shiny gift found under my Christmas tree after five years of waiting & work. More soon on our magical night. Still smiling.


July 19, 2012

by Kate W. Hall

I knew it! Just keep writing . . .thats what we did :-)

Automated Agency

If you have been on the Internet for long, you will notice that the growing number of blog sites is getting to be as many as the articles, which brings to the question about blogging. Why the sudden surge? Is it good for the brain?

According to some of online experts, blogging does have positive effects on the brain.

The first reason is that blogging helps promote the analytical and critical thinking of bloggers and readers alike.

The best of the best blogs are full of rich and fresh ideas promoting both helpful exchange and criticism. Instead of creating a closed and exclusive online community, these blogs enhance discussion and interaction among other blogs.

What’s more, the information you can get from blogs is one in a million. You will not get them from anywhere else. Aside from that, you are always free to comment on what is written.


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July 19, 2012

by Kate W. Hall

Thoughtful post on blog content & SEO!

Automated Agency

What is the importance of blogging to search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the newest trend among online marketers. Today, insurance companies have recognized that one of the most effective ways of getting free advertising on the Internet is to show up first under relevant search terms in various search engines.

Trying your best to get into the system can sometimes make your site bounce back search engines in the process. But then there are some ways of making sure that both the architecture and the content of the pages are as friendly as possible to the search engine spider.

That is why insurance website owners are continuously conjuring up techniques for search engines to read them as one of the best. The newest addition to doing this is through blogging.

Search engines are in love with blogs.

Blogs come complete with permalinks, regular updates, and with the newest…

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July 17, 2012

by Kate W. Hall

Measuring readership & source stats is so critical to content management; love Google Analytics, especially real-time.


In a move that struck fear in the hearts of under-educated web editors everywhere, Google announced today that it will remove the old version of Google Analytics tomorrow. After releasing a new version focused on real time analytics in September, Google has kept a link to the old version, which it has supported, at the bottom of the Analytics page for the past year.

What can you expect from Google Analytics if you haven’t transitioned yet? Never fear, straggler. We’ve got you covered with a link and media bonanza.

The major change is the transition to real time analytics, a vast increase in the amount and usefulness of information that a user can derive, provided they know what they’re doing. This makes a strong analytics employee even more valuable–companies that know what they’re doing with the new system will have a competitive advantage over those who don’t (duh). The removal…

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July 16, 2012

by Kate W. Hall

Great post, so true. It’s more than a sale; it’s a partnership.


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