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June 23, 2013

Entrepreneur Acquisition Interest Anxiety

by Kate W. Hall

After having just gone through business sale successfully-spot on!

David Cummings on Startups

So, you’re cruising along, growing your company at a nice clip, and an email pops in your inbox with a vague subject line saying “Potential Interest.” Normally, you’d immediately delete the email but out of curiosity you open it and read the contents. It’s from a corporate development person at a potential acquirer asking to set up a conference call. With a big smile on your face, you quickly reply back saying that sounds great and proposing a few times to talk.

The initial call goes well. Now, there’s a request to come on site for a few hours and talk more. After the first in-person meeting, things start to get serious. A request is made to visit the exec team of the potential acquirers at their headquarters and, if it goes well, a formal acquisition offer will be issued.

As an entrepreneur, especially an entrepreneur that hasn’t gone through…

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June 23, 2013


by Kate W. Hall

This weekend I experienced utter happiness.

Returning to a neighborhood and friends I adore. A cold, freshly-tapped keg of Legend lager. Friends galore, from business to neighbors to family. Zinnias blooming.

A double-rainbow on a fun-filled night, only made possible by unanticipated rain. Anticipating MadMen on a Sunday night. Happy home. What else does a girl need?

June 13, 2013

After the Business Sale

by Kate W. Hall


Several of my friends (including my boss) have been watching me this last six weeks or so since selling I’ve written a bit about life after entrepreneurship but haven’t divulged much.

I think they’re waiting for me to break down, crack-up or dive maniacally head-first into another project. Full disclosure: The third is likely true-I’m in the midst of moving my family of five during the last week of school. Please send wine.

The truth is: it was time. When I was able to sit at the closing table, sign the idea that became the home to dozens of writers and two hundred thousand annual readers away without tears, it was time. I needed my life back as for a couple of years there it wasn’t quite my own.

The blog, out of necessity when I lost my job became a business of which I was primary sales rep, bill-payer, recruiter, marketer & PR-rep. Even with a great team it came down to me being in two places at the same time & with a demanding family and full-time job it began to take its toll.

Plus, what about those Richmond Rocks books I wrote & barely had time to read in schools as I love to do?

Thousands were donated to charity. Scores of connections were made, ideas shared, lives touched through good deeds on the blog.

Missing the team & our fun advertisers is the toughest part, yet we still email & comment on each other’s posts.

I feel peaceful & hopeful about transitioning my blog to new owners and starting a new chapter (in our new-to-us home!) and excited about new adventures ahead.

June 4, 2013


by Kate W. Hall


Watching my son at a Richmond Squirrels game last Friday was a treat. This is a kid who is Minecraft-obsessed and hard-pressed to leave the creature-comforts of home, so to see him at a local minor-league baseball game touting logos & cheering was a fan to my fire.

What gets us excited about anything? It’s so easy to fall into the everyday/comfort/routine of home that it’s often hard to break out into a world of the unknown (potentially in-fun). But it can surprise us, too.

Breaking out of my role of CEO of the blog I created, has been tough yet I’m excited about the possibilities. Even when great friends/cheerleaders continue to share accolades I’m not sure I deserve I know it’s right for me.

After five plus years at the helm it’s time for something new & I’m thrilled that the new owners have some fire behind their excitement for “my baby.”

Sometimes we all need to break out I our comfort zone for the unknown, which may often be more thrilling than we expect. . .

June 4, 2013

Holding Hands

by Kate W. Hall


My six-year old daughter is a Girl Scout and last Friday we walked the Richmond Diamond to honor them.

These little, boisterous, exhausting, fascinating wonders joined hands–many of them barely “knowing” each other well after meeting bi-weekly this school year, yet considering themselves friends just the same.

I love the way they held hands. It’s sort of like the way I virtually held hands with my team, writing with and for me and having never or rarely met in person.

A friendship that shares a common bond yet not a daily interaction for a common goal, in friendship. How beautiful.



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