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October 25, 2013

Join us at the 2013 VA Women’s Conference

by Kate W. Hall

Join us for the 2013 VA Women’s Conference tomorrow, I’m excited to be a panelist sharing my experiences with social media.

Over 700 are registered–should be an amazing event.

October 24, 2013

On Fear

by Kate W. Hall

This is my adorable, vivacious Godson getting ready to pummel me at soccer.

When I asked him how he got so good at sports he replied quite matter-of-factly: “I dunno. I’m not afraid of anything!”

It made me wonder about the last time I wasn’t afraid of something I’d say or do at work, if taking a chance would make me appear silly or awkward. The next time that fear starts to creep in, I’m going to think of this feisty six year-old and dive head first after the ball.

October 24, 2013

Coursera hits 100 partner milestone on its journey to make higher-ed open to anyone

by Kate W. Hall

Creative education solution:

October 18, 2013

#Quote for the day

by Kate W. Hall
October 17, 2013

Power Down to be Productive

by Kate W. Hall

I was a chaperone for my six-year old’s field trip today.

Last night included three hours of emails and powerpoints and this morning started early to kick off meetings prior to our trip to a local farm.

My phone was turned off and started buzzing the second I dropped those energetic six-year olds back off at the bus, but it was worth every (cat-herding, silly, endearing, ewe-feeding) second. And I jumped back in, hitting the ground running.

October 15, 2013

Our brand? Fun.

by Kate W. Hall

We dig having fun.

Our fans dig it, too.

So many brands try to sell, sell, sell when much of that time could be spent on fun Facebook posts like this one on our Richmond Rocks book page garnering likes & shares (80 likes since we posted!) and all we’re doing is having a laugh or two.

After all, this is the month for the spooky sequel (and I’m obsessed with Halloween!) so it’s the perfect fit.

I’ve always got a lot of room for new learning in the web advertising space, but this I know: people gravitate towards sincerity and laughter; for this I’m thankful.

October 15, 2013

Twitter reportedly planning to sell ads on third-party sites

by Kate W. Hall

Tech News for Geeks

In a frenzy to secure additional revenue streams in the run up to its IPO, Twitter is reportedly opening its data to provide advertisers more value. This includes opening up its platform for use on third-party websites.

Twitter is gearing up for its planned initial public offering (IPO),…

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October 13, 2013

Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner: I Love You.

by Kate W. Hall

Cheers to twenty-four hours of pure bliss.

I was invited to the Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner as part of their Stay, Play and Write program* and the level of service–legendary to me as I’d never stayed prior–was unbelievable.

Let’s start with the Club Level experience. Shima, who I learned on Foursquare was this location’s rockstar happened to be working during our stay so we were able to witness what I’ll dub extreme hospitality. Our wine glasses never neared empty status, stories of her eventful nineteen years at the Ritz Carlton were shared, and post-dinner desserts were promised.

Shima (pictured above with my hubs) wasn’t kidding about the desserts–in fact we were late for our dinner reservation at Entyse restaurant due to the Penn State/Michigan game going into fourth overtime so she brought our promised sweets before dinner. Here’s what we savored:

Thrilled with a fantastic Nittany Lion win and walking downstairs to Entyse, we wondered how this night could get any better: no kids, a cozy respite from the rain, royal treatment.

Salmon and surf and turf filled our bellies as a jazz band played and fellow happy travelers danced. We convinced ourselves we’d stay awake for Saturday Night Live but the luxurious bedding lulled us to sleep too quickly.

The alarm chimed at 7:30 am, typically an unwelcome sound but on this occasion, a happy occasion to brush teeth & dress for the spa. My masseuse, Frank had come in last-minute for my 8am massage request and greeted me with a fabulous smile and welcome to serenity.

After fifty minutes of one of the most amazing massages I’d ever experienced, Frank asked me to wait a moment as he had something for me. Upon learning this was my first stay at a Ritz Carlton, he brought me a beautiful gift bag filled with spa goodies and a glass of sparkling cider. How could I ever forget Frank?

After a breakfast we savored back at the club–crab quiche, oatmeal and fresh fruit–we showered and headed to the (connected) Tysons Galleria to burn a few calories and stay sheltered from the weekend’s incessant rain.

It was tough to leave this haven of decadence and I had joked with Frank that I needed “re entry training” to transition back to my everyday life devoid of such pleasures. Several hours later, laundry piled up, kids wound up and work waiting for me, the smile is still on my face.

Frank asked me if there was anything else he could do to make our stay even better? I couldn’t think of a thing.

My favorite chandelier there-isn’t it beautiful? Hope to make it back for some of the fall events.

*Please note that I was provided a room and meals, and was happy to experience the spa on my own dime. I was not, however compensated for this review or dictated what to share. I promise it’s all true!

October 9, 2013

Don’t You Label Me a Mommy Blogger

by Kate W. Hall

I’m the girl in the middle. And just because I’m forty doesn’t mean I can’t still call myself a girl.

After all that’s what I was, am, and will be long after I lose the “mommy blogger” label.

When I created armed with idealistic (clueless) enthusiasm and a part-time web designer (who later flew the coop on me) I didn’t know I was about to step foot into the world of the most loved (by brands) and despised (by, well many) categories of bloggers.

Dammit, I used to be kind of cute and non-mom-like. Now I’m a ma’am and a Mrs. Hall (ever looking over my shoulder for my mother-in-law) and the parent at school who wrote those children’s books and had that. . .mom blog.

But I transitioned the blog to new owners in May and I can write about topics other than selling hot hunky bachelors, crazy people stealing my stroller at theme parks and driving across the country in a Chevy with a few of my best girls.. More exciting topics. Less mom-like and run-of-the-mill. Thank God.



October 7, 2013

Advertising the Best: There’s Something About Mary (& Jamie & Co.)

by Kate W. Hall

When she approached me at a party December 2008, there was something I just liked about her.

Her energy, infectious party-going style and sincerity were icing on the cake. Mary Fisk-Taylor, along with Jamie Hayes and the Hayes and Fisk Real Life Studios team became one of my first advertisers and true partners on

I decided to enter into an exclusive advertising relationship with Mary’s team. Not only because I felt it was the right thing to do for my readership & Mary (too many similar advertisers water down the vibrant flavor of just one) but because she believed in when few others even knew about it. Plus, their talent could reach our city limits and beyond.

Mary and Jamie went on to photograph my headshots, my family, promotions we had on the blog and eventually our Richmond Chevy Road Trip Challenge Team in 2012. They also were the creative photo geniuses on my children’s books, Richmond Rocks and The Spooky Sequel. what fun to create and share part of Richmond’s history with children all over the city.


Beyond their energy, talent and unique skills was a platform of true community spirit. We had a blast giving back to Richmond’s non-profits through our collaborative efforts throughout the years like the Richmond Real Cute Kids Contest, Supermom and other fun ventures.

One of the treasures I take with me after transitioning ownership of my blog is having built relationships with amazing, talented people like Mary, Jamie and team, who not only showed me what professionalism was, but sparked creativity all along.


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