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November 3, 2013

My Friend Mike, The Headstand Revolutionary

by Kate W. Hall

Here’s my lifelong-friend Mike, the guy with his head in the pumpkin. He is making a movement out of standing on his head.

And people are digging it and going in head-first (couldn’t resist!) by snapping photos of friends in destinations near and far with their crowns on the ground. It’s a little crazy I know, but most of the fun things in life are, so check out his blog, Headstands for Humanity. He’s taking this heels-over-head parade up a notch by challenging his followers to break the Guinness Book record for simultaneous headstands.

My brother in-law passed away suddenly two days ago at age fifty-three and seeing this unique movement pop up on my Facebook feed tonight made me smile: Life is short, right? Why not do something even if it’s crazy, silly, and tough (yes I’ve tried a headstand myself. It took a few tries.)

I hope it does the same for you.

The best part about all of this is he’s doing good for children by funneling donations to children’s charities through The Headstand Movement. I’m proud of Mike and can’t wait to see where he and his headstands land next.




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