Building A Brand

When the concept of a mom blog first came to me, I had no idea even how vast the world of mommy bloggers is. Having always worked in the corporate world, I didn’t have a lot of time to explore blogs, and certainly didn’t know how many cool ones existed.Where Hip Moms ClickWhen I snagged this graphic online, the light bulb went off and suddenly my vision began to take form: I worked on a domain name, and first considered a national site, but upon reflection (and my husband’s insistence) decided to take on Richmond, VA, our lovely fair city first.

Knowing there had to be something different about the site–there are tons of parenting resources out there–I played with words for several weeks before coming up with “Where Hip Moms Click.”

After all, it had to convey about the site immediately what I wanted my readers to know: this was no average mommy blog, parenting site. This was a fun place to hang out, learn about other women in Richmond and gain valuable resources for the family.

Five years later this brand became the number one parenting blog in Richmond with nearly 200,000 annual unique visitors and dozens of annual advertising partners.

Many of the partners are national or regional in scope and boast prestigious names including HCA Virginia, Stony Point-Medarva, Great Wolf Lodge, Children’s Hospital of Virginia, Romp n’ Roll and more.

When brand building, a logo has got to quickly convey professionalism, quickly spread a message, and be remarkable.

7 Comments to “Building A Brand”

  1. Thank you for the information above … You have inspired me to try to blog and share my experiences as a Grammy who never was a runner to run two 10k races and a half marathon between March 2012 and April 2013 … I started December 26, 2011 when I was given an IPhone and began entering my calories via My Fitness Pal every day (1200 cal a day)and began going to gym. Today, seventeen months later, I have lost almost 50 pounds and want to share with other men and women that I am 62 1/2 years old, mother of six children and grandmother of nine and running has not only helped me to lose weight but more importantly, I realize I am once again anticipating each new day instead of feeling tired and anxious and worried about growing old. We Grammy and Papa people need to
    Show our children and grandchildren you can do
    Anything you set your mind by challenging yourself and running towards life and not sitting down and thinking we are too old to do that! Thank you for inspiring and guiding people like myself who want to
    Share their experiences !!!

  2. Hi, It would be extra nice if their was a direct link to Richmondmom to make it easy for readers to go there. Maybe there is and I failed to find it. The logo would be a good place for a click-through link.

  3. Kate,
    I am a local Richmond Mom/business owner looking to brand my business. Is there a way I can contact you for a referral of a local business that can help me out! Thanks!

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