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September 30, 2010

I was blown away; this is my aspiration

by Kate W. Hall

I recently attended the VA State Fair with my youngest child, my only daughter, a three-year-old. My timing was not great as we got there a bit late in the morning, she was getting tired already and it was hot as blazes out even in September.

As luck would have it, I took the stroller out of the back of my wagon, and promptly locked the keys in my purse, phone, and money in the car.

We hauled it to the fair gate where a state trooper called the parking lot attendants for us to see if they could help. I assumed we’d call a locksmith but followed their lead and went back to the car as I was instructed. Meanwhile, my daughter had fallen apart, was hungry and tired and apparently dying of thirst.

I snagged a young man on a golf cart when I spied the cooler in the back and asked if we could please have some water. What unfolded after that point was nothing short of a customer service miracle:

-He asked me what was wrong, and after sharing the situation with him was on his radio in 5.2 seconds making sure they were coming quickly to unlock my car.

-He stayed with us until others came with the proper tools to unlock the car, telling me that this happens all the time (not sure if it does, but it made me feel better).

-Not only did he give my daughter a cold bottle of water, he pulled one of his own Hawaiian punch packets out of his pocket and gave it to me with another water to mix-up for her; he talked to her and helped lighten her mood.

-His crew was there and we were back in the car with keys in hand in under forty-five minutes, would not accept any payment, and RMC Events had a new admirer in me. This photo is of my daughter, leaving the fair after a great afternoon with a new little friend.

I aspire to give this type of customer service to my clients; I’m sure I fall short of this on most days. But I’m going to try, because I’ll never forget how good they made me feel.


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