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November 14, 2010

A Valuable Meeting

by Kate W. Hall

I’m fortunate enough to be asked for my advice & guidance by new entrepreneurs quite often.

This week was no different. When I received an out-of-the-blue email from a Richmond woman starting her own site it was flattering that she’d like my input.

We met for lunch & talked about, my humble beginning (and current humble status for that matter!), taking it from concept to cradle, and how we’ve grown to the “toddler stage.”

I was able to share my mistakes, which are plentiful:

1. Not hiring a professional web designer from the start.

2. Not hiring someone to help me sooner.
3. Trusting that clients would pay on time & not having a back-up plan. (As my husband says “Notoriety is great but we can’t put it on the dinner table.”)

She asked fabulous questions, causing me to reflect & often only offering-up an “I don’t know” as a response. . .after all, I’m no expert, I’m still learning, too!

What I took away from our satisfying lunch together (literally & figuratively) was that I learned surely as much as this kind woman did, and that there still remains much to learn on this bumpy business-owner’s road. The time spent reflecting&  sharing was as valuable to me as I hope it was to this once-stranger from whom I expect much success.

November 1, 2010

Speaking to 400 women was like a cocktail party. Really.

by Kate W. Hall

When I was invited to speak at the first-ever HCA Virginia Spirit of Women Girls Day Out on Friday, October 29, 2010 it was a bit overwhelming: why did they ask me? Was no one else available? Would I be able to entertain/inspire? It was such a compliment to be asked, yet still a daunting task.

I assembled some thoughts from the heart and the gut, invited my closest friends and family, and showed up in my prettiest dress. And it ended up being just like a cocktail party in my livingroom. Truly.

One of my dearest friends, Allison, suggested I tell a silly joke to start off, and it got everyone laughing. . from there on out, it was how/why/what was and how did I get here from there.

To be more specific:

There: a mom-of-three standing in November 2008 holding a pink slip.

Here: a mom-of-three who owns a business, with a site readership of of 112,000 since then, who is able to earn a living as an entrepreneur.

Key lessons if you missed it:

1) tons of support.

2) finding a team–for me, it was my running team.

3) having fun & reminding yourself that every day’s work counts

4) treating yourself: for me it’s with this guy: 

on television, of course. and occasionally while getting a massage.

5) do what no one says you can do. I wanted to write and publish Richmond Rocks within the same year. Some said it couldn’t be done. Why not?

6) give credit where credit is due: for me, it’s largely to my mom, who raised four of us single-handedly. We applauded her. We cried. It was the best gift I could ever give her, and I meant it.

7) laugh at yourself. Even when being bitten by a dog while on your morning run, roll with it. What else can ya do?

Bottom line: We are infinitely able to do far more than we can imagine. The women who came up and spoke with me personally mirrored this sentiment. I  knew they knew it about themselves, they just needed a little reminder. What do you want to do? I’d love to hear.

October 26, 2010

Do what you’re most afraid of until you’re not afraid anymore.

by Kate W. Hall

Last Saturday, I jumped off a building. I recently made light of it in a blog post on, but the truth is, it was pretty darn scary.

I had never rappeled from anything before, let alone a 400-ft. building in downtown Richmond (the SunTrust building). But when I saw some of my friends from Twitter doing this challenge for Over the Edge for Special Olympics VA last year I knew I couldn’t let the chance go by without trying it this year.

With thanks to HCA for helping me make the $1,000 in donations needed in order to jump, I saddled up into a bunch of gear and took a looooong elevator ride to a  bunch of stairs to the most amazing view in Richmond, before “sitting into nothing” and rappeling down 400 feet to the ground.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Now, I’m not afraid anymore.

I find that it’s the same in business. When I started, I was a bit afraid of cold calling businesses introducing my site: would they have heard of No. Would they be interested in partnering Sure, why not! Would I call them today? Nah, how about tomorrow. . it’s too easy to stay busy with other work than grow the business.

But the truth is that I didn’t have much business, and I had three kids to feed and Christmas was coming. So cold-call I did. Determination was all I had. And sales came through. I had a ton of work to do, and was thrilled to have paying customers to do it for.

Do what we’re most afraid of, and we won’t be afraid any more.




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