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June 16, 2012

Don’t Wait. It’s Never the right Time

by Kate W. Hall


These are thank-you notes I received from our Carver Elementary classroom in Richmond from our Chevy Road Trip Challenge in March.

Andrew Mustico’s classroom, a financially-challenged Richmond public school that benefitted from our Adopt-a-Classroom efforts sent them in response to our fundraising efforts. A butterfly habitat, new books, and reading tools were a few of the gifts purchased by Andrew as a result of Team RVAEpicTales’ efforts.

Delightful how a few words drawn on construction paper from children can bring such joy.

When the PR firm for Chevy called to offer us a coveted spot in the challenge, I doubted my personal ability to see it through because of my busy corporate and family schedule.

But the urging of friends and a nagging voice in my head whispered (loudly); go for it, and we did.

Sometimes the opportunity knocks and we find every reason not to answer the door: too busy, too tired, too much.

I’m so glad we answered.


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