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October 6, 2013


by Kate W. Hall

20131006-210505.jpgThis is my big brother and I at a Penn State game in Happy Valley a few weeks ago. We were with my best friend & her family and I couldn’t help thinking “how great would it be to have our parents and family here?”

But it’ll never happen. My dad passed away when I was fifteen–twenty-five years ago, September twenty ninth.

There is a loss I’ll always feel in my life. Not just because we’ll never be all together in my favorite place on earth but that we’ll never all be together.

My dad used to always tell me how smart I was. “You can do anything you want!” He’d say, and I believed him.

I’ll always feel a huge empty space where he should reside in my life, but I’m thankful he granted me an immeasurable gift.

September 26, 2013

Give ‘Em What They Never Knew . . .

by Kate W. Hall

In an early conversation with a friend in 2007, when I described my vision for, she somewhat-protectively said, “I think that’s already being done.”

But it really wasn’t, not the way I wanted to do it.

You see, I had to create what I felt passionate about–a blog that didn’t yet exist but that was something I thought readers would want.


Selling my blog to one of my clients (who are carrying the torch well!) five years later with over 200,000 annual readers & dozens of advertisers was bittersweet but necessary for me personally. I’d fulfilled my mission & wanted to focus on my other creative bent, my Richmond Rocks children’s books and other pursuits.*

After all, I’d likely never had pursued publishing Richmond Rocks & The Spooky Sequel had I not built a platform that created the perfect birthplace for my books.

That desire to create is what fuels my flame, because most of us don’t even really know what it is that we want until someone brings it to us.

*Oh yes, I have a full-time job, three kids, two houses (we’re hoping to whittle that to one when the market swings back!) & one husband.


April 30, 2013

Think Big(ger)

by Kate W. Hall


Why not push yourself beyond what you imagined? We–or should I say I because I couldn’t afford to build a team then–started with a handful of readers five years ago. will reach over 200,000 unique visitors this year.


Listening to readers through daily interactions via social media.

Providing unique & high-quality content.

Interacting & having fun with our clients/partners/non-profits.

Doing good in the community & giving back.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

February 25, 2013

And the Name in the Envelope Is: Yours

by Kate W. Hall


Watching the Oscars last night my husband said, “Congratulations to all the winners who are receiving awards for doing their jobs!” Meaning that Hollywood loves to pat each other on the back.

Not unlike every other day, I disagree with him. Any creator, crafter, maker puts him or herself out on the line daily and when success is reached, there’s cause for (excessive) celebration.

When our blog experienced an increase of 85% readership last year we celebrated with congratulations & a team event in January. No celebrity gift bags were doled out but a great feeling of satisfaction prevailed.

So even if you’re not walking across the red carpet in Armani or Herrera with a gold statue in your hands, find just cause to celebrate what you—and creators around you—make.

October 30, 2012

Why it’s Ridiculous to Be Someone Else

by Kate W. Hall

20121030-230450.jpg I post things like this all the time in our Facebook group.

I love humor and find it as necessary as the basic elements to feed me. Is this something that comes naturally to me? Bingo. Does it help my brand? Without a doubt.

It’s so critical to be ourselves no matter what we do, no matter what “conventional” wisdom tells us.

Creating posts, content & ads like everyone else is ho-hum & wont attract readership, nor is it any fun.

So please, if you stop by, let’s talk this through, and bring some fine wine, too please?


October 28, 2012

Congrats! You’ve Arrived (At The Middle)

by Kate W. Hall


Last Wednesday I was given the honor of being named one of Richmond’s Top 40 Under 40 by Style Magazine. Listening to the accomplishments of the thirty-nine others in my class I was humbled at my blogging and charitable efforts compared to their “roll-your-sleeves-up” hands-on community activism.

Sharing this observation with my manager at Capital One the next day, his response to me was simply: “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Could it be that our team’s endless clacking behind the keyboard is as valuable as planting a garden to feed the hungry?

Debatable, but great food for thought.

The true food for thought was the celebration in the moment, surrounded by my husband, mom, dear friends, brother and one of my sisters.

It was then that I realized that I had arrived at the middle.

20121028-093229.jpgWith Scott Blackwell, former manager, mentor & friend.

The five years of building the brand are behind me; the days of working bell-to-bell less frequent (yet not unheard of.) Now, with a team to support the mission, I am fortunate to have the much-appreciated arms and legs.

Our advertisers are valued partners; we work hard to make sure their investment is maximized and that their visibility is paramount. Our charitable efforts are a vital thread in our offering to Richmond; it keeps us grounded. The readers who inspire us to create new categories/content/contests: they’re just the best.

Yet, with an entrepreneurial-fed lust for innovation, I find myself leading this team through the middle of our journey to excellence. It’s a gift to reflect on the road behind (and to celebrate it, no less) and a dreamer’s dream to imagine what more the future holds.


June 24, 2012

Work + Reflection = Creative Perfection

by Kate W. Hall


It is this view that can often snap me back into the girl I need to be: calm, relaxed, in the moment.

In the mania that is often created by running a blog and having become somehow an unexpected “media figure” the need for downtime is more and more paramount.

The growth of our blog is a gift and an honor, and our team is incredibly talented, but it’s often a response from me they’re looking for from that email, fundraiser invitation, speaking engagement.

And it is me that is often unwilling to take the much-needed break my body & mind crave to operate at optimal functionality.


Last night, the perfect sunset and an Uno tournament capped off a day on the Potomac with these three on the bow.

Today, the gift of relaxing with this view, my family, and the excitement of an upcoming vacation and new book on the way.

And this tiny smile to make me whole. That is creative perfection.



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