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November 7, 2010

What do you need to be more successful in 2011?

by Kate W. Hall

When reflecting back at 2010 now that we’re almost mid-way through November, it dawned on me: this year has been a great one for & Richmond Rocks.

We’ve grown our readership to over 10,000 unique visitors per month consistently, peaked at 17k hits in our highest month, and have increasingly grown our e-subscriber list. We’ve sold 2,000 Richmond Rocks books and are reprinting, and debuted in Richmond Grid as a print magazine. More importantly, we’ve helped our clients build their brands and reach more Richmond women while donating to non-profits in the Richmond community: thousands of dollars+.

So what’s next?

Being so fortunate to have grown this brand in super-supportive Richmond, VA I’ve had many women come forward and ask how I’ve done it. The answer is multi-faceted, but one that brings me back to this point always: we help each other build our businesses.

To this end we’re considering launching a half-day seminar at a low-cost to help fellow entrepreneurs build their brands. Primarily women, but we’re surely open to men in the audience, too! We’re planning sessions on social media, Twitter, public speaking, and whatever you tell us is most important!


Please take a second to answer a few questions & let us know your thoughts on what would help you move your business forward in 2011, and we’ll help you get there.

September 19, 2010

So this is my blog for fellow entrepreneurs

by Kate W. Hall

Since beginning at my kitchen table in October 2007 (it never launched until January ’08) I had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur, writing to share and help others, and becoming a leader in the business community.

I’ve been lucky. My dream has come true. And I have a ton of work to do that I’m over-the-top excited about.

When I began working on the site I had about 12 visitors including my mom and sisters (and I’m not sure how much they actually READ the site, sorry guys–I understand). The site now has over 10,000 unique visitors monthly with a high of 17,000 hits and climbing.

And I’m not nearly done yet. There is so much room for expansion, helping my clients, and learning new marketing tools that it’s hard for me to tear myself away from the business.

How did I do it? I am consistently asked this question, and flattered that others are interested. Pieces of my recipe are scattered throughout this blog, and I’ll work hard to organize them into bite-sized pieces to help others build their dreams, too.

A few essential ingredients that have prevailed throughout are incredible determination, strength and support of other entrepreneurs and experts on whom I rely, and incredible tools like social media. Oh, and relationships. That is the veritable whipped cream on top of the sundae; no business would savor sweet rewards without the strength of others, direct and caring communications, and in-person and online networking.


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