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May 27, 2013

I Am. . .

by Kate W. Hall

We’re moving again into our seventh home (including two rentals) in fifteen years of marriage.

While packing I unearthed this yellowed, paper-thin t-shirt I’d bought from a guy wandering tailgates on a sunny Saturday home-game day. From his stuffed duffel bag he’d trade students twisted-up t-shirts for fifteen bucks.

I never pictured it here in my swollen closet over twenty years later.

As a mom of three its hardly appropriate attire for anywhere but around the house, yet I can’t part with it. All the days spent with those whom I still count among my best friends chanting “WE ARE! PENN STATE!” are as much a part of my memory’s thread as the three days I gave birth.

Every single place we visit, stay, loathe, love, learn becomes part of us in some way, and some leave us with physical remnants, just in case the threads wear thin.

June 22, 2012

Haters Gonna Hate Bloggers Like Me

by Kate W. Hall

It’s inevitable: Haters Gonna Hate. And if you’re a blogger like moi & my team, the person they hate is often us, simply for providing the forum.


Or for respectfully disagreeing with their opinion.

Or for breathing.

GASP: God forbid we make a living or any profit from our blogging efforts, this often causes Internet trolls and haters to become ballistic. (is it too late to move my family of five into my mom’s rancher so we don’t have to pay bills? I feel so badly profiting from my hard work.)

Editing-types really hate on my stuff ’cause I may miss a beat here or there on account of my short attention . . .hey, what’s over there?

Oops. Back to my point. Heres the deal. The hating started early-on when an anonymous (haters prefer anonymity) emailer told me that I was racist because the woman in my logo is white.


In response to my Don’t Hate Penn State post I was told that I should be embarrassed about my Penn State Degree because of the Sandusky trial.

Darn, now my office wall looks so bare.

Just this week, a commenter on our circumcision post said that he hopes I don’t go into politics because the world needs less people like me.

I also learned that circumcision on infants is now a human rights issue, so my sons are gonna be linin’ up for Doctor Phil. So sorry guys! Geez, now they won’t even be photographed with me.


Now what will I do with all of those cool campaign coozies I had printed up with “Don’t Hate Kate!” on ’em? I just know that, coupled with my love of kissin’ babies those little gems would’ve gotten me a ton of votes.

Good thing I have my good ‘ol friend’s photo taped to my trusty laptop to gaze at as I sit down to write. I’m not sure how I’d make it out of bed in the morning without him.




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