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January 10, 2011

The need for a network

by Kate W. Hall

Who is in your network?

If it’s your current clients and customers, your circle is likely not large enough or of the quality you seek if business growth is a goal.

No matter how busy I am, forcing myself outside of my comfort zone into new groups always refreshes the way I view my business, myself, and how I can help the next person I meet.

Think about the last time you pushed yourself outside the norm and into a new environment. . .if you can’t remember when that was, it may be time to venture out. Nawbo, River City Express Network, Richmond’s Network of Enterprising Women (NEW) are just three amazing women’s groups that come to mind, not to mention the Richmond Chamber of Business.

The Extraordinary Women’s Exchange is an incredible Chamber function designed to help Richmond women grow their networks while grasping inspiration from amazing national speakers: highly reccomend this quarterly event. If you’re into Social Media, the Social Media Club of Richmond, known on Twitter as @smcrva is another must-attend event each month.

If you’re there for the first time, say hello! Love to meet you.

September 20, 2010

Helping a client, even if not selling your services, is building your business

by Kate W. Hall

I spent this afternoon with one of my favorite clients introducing their team to Twitter and discussing social media, and how they would use both Twitter and Facebook. While this is not something I expected to be doing in my “job description” (does an entrepreneur have such a thing?!) it’s something requested of me often that I thoroughly enjoy.

While I’m not social media expert the use of social media has surely helped develop my brand, and I’m happy to share that knowledge.

In a nutshell, here’s what we discussed:

-You’ve got to start somewhere; don’t fret about followers, just watch and learn what others are doing, and listen to potential clients and partners
-Discussing as a team what the overall culture of your brand is, knowing that culture, and communicating that culture in your social media plan is critical. This may sound deep, but it really means: if your team is laid-back and loves to have fun and smiles a lot, try not to be so serious with your tweets. Voila!
-Integrate social media into your daily habits–like exercising or anything else that must be (ugh) done, a little bit at a time is all it takes to build momentum and start showing results.

I did no selling; there’s no need, we have a strong relationship. Learning their business needs and growth plans was a great discussion, and I’ll be able to promote them more professionally because of it.

A great day.


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