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October 15, 2013

Our brand? Fun.

by Kate W. Hall

We dig having fun.

Our fans dig it, too.

So many brands try to sell, sell, sell when much of that time could be spent on fun Facebook posts like this one on our Richmond Rocks book page garnering likes & shares (80 likes since we posted!) and all we’re doing is having a laugh or two.

After all, this is the month for the spooky sequel (and I’m obsessed with Halloween!) so it’s the perfect fit.

I’ve always got a lot of room for new learning in the web advertising space, but this I know: people gravitate towards sincerity and laughter; for this I’m thankful.

February 18, 2013

On Publishing Books: Good, Bad, Real

by Kate W. Hall


When I launched as a business in 2008 I didn’t realize that later that year it would be my full-time job. Being laid off (due to company bankruptcy) & taking the plunge into an entrepreneurial venture was the perfect time to write my first book–it ended up as the culmination of a trip with my kids to Brown’s Island and a way to piggy-back on our Richmond blog.

Along with friends Nicole Unice, Knox Hubard, Mary Fisk-Taylor and Jamie Hayes, we published Richmond Rocks through Palari Publishing locally. This meant a considerable financial investment and leap-of-faith for all–especially me–as it would take one year minimum to recoup my investment.

What I found were several lessons I share openly with other budding authors:

1) Writing a book is often the easy part–selling the book through in-person readings and building relationships is paramount. It’s also a ton of fun.

2) Much like our blog, I found this venture was a similar “if you build it they may not come” scenario, and although we had our blog as a hearty springboard platform to promote the book, it doesn’t just “sell itself.” Even with 180,000+ unique visitors per year and with the book in a prominent space on our leaderboard, we still need to actively market the book itself.

3) Personalizing the writing experience is something the audience truly wants to hear about. Yes, the three kids in the book are modeled after my three–two boys and a girl–but I allowed our illustrator Knox Hubard free license to draw them as his children. Children and adults alike seem to love hearing details like this!

We’ve just launched our second book, a book of Richmond Virginia ghost stories called Richmond Rocks the Spooky Sequel. I keep all of these lessons in mind and treasure the positive response from our community.

We also are thrilled to give back and have donated thousands of dollars through the books right back into the community–often through schools at which we present–about which we write.



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