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July 21, 2012

Wrapping Up our Chevy Road Trip Challenge

by Kate W. Hall

We saw the video footage of our Chevy Road Trip Challenge together, in awe.
Thursday night, Saturday 19, 2012 was a magical night for us.


Six plus months of work, worry, wanton culminated in front of 175+ of our Richmond friends (sold out!) at the Social Media Club of Richmond where we presented with Chevy.

“Team Richmond” aka “Team RVAEpicTales” was the foursome I created: Kelly Vance, Kate Semp, an Monica Horsley. Three women who each came I to my life in a very special way–as a partner, employee, and client respectively–all became dear friends and comrades on our Chevy Road Trip Challenge Adventure.



Shown here at our welcome party at SXSW 2012, we celebrated 1500+ miles, dozens of blog posts, hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts and countless hours committed to our experience. Here, we learned to brand from a hyper-local blog to one of five teams chosen for a national challenge at random.

This night was truly the shiny gift found under my Christmas tree after five years of waiting & work. More soon on our magical night. Still smiling.


June 16, 2012

Don’t Wait. It’s Never the right Time

by Kate W. Hall


These are thank-you notes I received from our Carver Elementary classroom in Richmond from our Chevy Road Trip Challenge in March.

Andrew Mustico’s classroom, a financially-challenged Richmond public school that benefitted from our Adopt-a-Classroom efforts sent them in response to our fundraising efforts. A butterfly habitat, new books, and reading tools were a few of the gifts purchased by Andrew as a result of Team RVAEpicTales’ efforts.

Delightful how a few words drawn on construction paper from children can bring such joy.

When the PR firm for Chevy called to offer us a coveted spot in the challenge, I doubted my personal ability to see it through because of my busy corporate and family schedule.

But the urging of friends and a nagging voice in my head whispered (loudly); go for it, and we did.

Sometimes the opportunity knocks and we find every reason not to answer the door: too busy, too tired, too much.

I’m so glad we answered.


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