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February 10, 2014

Social Media: Laugh with Me

by Kate W. Hall

Akin to tomato soup and grilled cheese on a winter’s day, social media is the hungry palette, humor the appetizer. We’ve shared this as the Richmond Rocks brand previously and a good story can be retold in different ways.

This is a recent and well-received post on my Richmond Rocks Facebook page, poking fun at our angst at the snow and impending school delays.

Two hundred and forty-nine likes later, this post neither sells Richmond Rocks books nor promotes anything related to it. It does achieve the goal of keeping the book front-and-center in a time when parents are online, watching the news, and need a laugh.

And that’s important for brands to understand: not every moment is an opportunity to sell, but it can be one to connect to the consumer. And that’s a start.

October 25, 2013

Join us at the 2013 VA Women’s Conference

by Kate W. Hall

Join us for the 2013 VA Women’s Conference tomorrow, I’m excited to be a panelist sharing my experiences with social media.

Over 700 are registered–should be an amazing event.

April 30, 2013

Think Big(ger)

by Kate W. Hall


Why not push yourself beyond what you imagined? We–or should I say I because I couldn’t afford to build a team then–started with a handful of readers five years ago. will reach over 200,000 unique visitors this year.


Listening to readers through daily interactions via social media.

Providing unique & high-quality content.

Interacting & having fun with our clients/partners/non-profits.

Doing good in the community & giving back.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

July 21, 2012

Wrapping Up our Chevy Road Trip Challenge

by Kate W. Hall

We saw the video footage of our Chevy Road Trip Challenge together, in awe.
Thursday night, Saturday 19, 2012 was a magical night for us.


Six plus months of work, worry, wanton culminated in front of 175+ of our Richmond friends (sold out!) at the Social Media Club of Richmond where we presented with Chevy.

“Team Richmond” aka “Team RVAEpicTales” was the foursome I created: Kelly Vance, Kate Semp, an Monica Horsley. Three women who each came I to my life in a very special way–as a partner, employee, and client respectively–all became dear friends and comrades on our Chevy Road Trip Challenge Adventure.



Shown here at our welcome party at SXSW 2012, we celebrated 1500+ miles, dozens of blog posts, hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts and countless hours committed to our experience. Here, we learned to brand from a hyper-local blog to one of five teams chosen for a national challenge at random.

This night was truly the shiny gift found under my Christmas tree after five years of waiting & work. More soon on our magical night. Still smiling.


July 10, 2012

What’s our Disability?

by Kate W. Hall


On a recent water taxi into the city of Boston, our captain’s t-shirt immediately caught my eye.

So simply stated, rudely ironed-on, begging the reader to absorb the message while soaking in the hot morning sun: it’s telling of our success on our blog and with our readers and clients.

Positivity. (Is that a word?!) it’s in the way we approach topics, respond to readers’ questions, coaborate with charities, brainstorm with our clients.

No disability of disposition here.

July 9, 2012


by Kate W. Hall


In the nearly five years since launching my blog, I’ve never taken more than a one-to-two day break from it (& even then I’d sneak a peek at email ;-)

A trip to Europe changed the rules for me, though, and having been over ten years since I’d ventured there I decided it was too fun an adventure to be tied down by work.


It takes time to build castles.

This Irish saying made clearer my work since day one and solidified my clarity that, after building a tiny blogging castle of my own, a break was deserved.

Of course this couldn’t be done without my amazing team led by Rhonda Day, for whom I’m thankful and with whom I’m confident.


As with any journey to the castle, a driver is at the reigns, and I was there for questions and concerns, but for once, I relinquished the daily work to keep our flourishing blog going.

With an occasional check-in I was sated, thankful for spotty wifi and an opportunity to relish my family, reward my hard work, and savor the luck of the Irish.

June 24, 2012

Work + Reflection = Creative Perfection

by Kate W. Hall


It is this view that can often snap me back into the girl I need to be: calm, relaxed, in the moment.

In the mania that is often created by running a blog and having become somehow an unexpected “media figure” the need for downtime is more and more paramount.

The growth of our blog is a gift and an honor, and our team is incredibly talented, but it’s often a response from me they’re looking for from that email, fundraiser invitation, speaking engagement.

And it is me that is often unwilling to take the much-needed break my body & mind crave to operate at optimal functionality.


Last night, the perfect sunset and an Uno tournament capped off a day on the Potomac with these three on the bow.

Today, the gift of relaxing with this view, my family, and the excitement of an upcoming vacation and new book on the way.

And this tiny smile to make me whole. That is creative perfection.


December 20, 2010

Try, try again. . .

by Kate W. Hall

Reading a great article from the Wall Street Journal digital network today on deciding when it’s time for Plan B reminded me of an important lesson that several entrepreneurial friends have shared with me:

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Try, try again.

The business owners in this article are doing just that–and realizing greater results by changing their business plans.

Likewise, so many of my clients and I work together throughout an entire calendar year for this very reason to work on various ways of marketing their messages; this works well because it’s very difficult to knock a “one-hit-advertising-wonder” out of the park. If everyone could advertise somewhere once and have huge success, that advertising source would likely be so highly-priced as to squeeze some smaller or start-up businesses out of the market.

Although the article itself focuses on the business plan and changing that up if results aren’t seen, the same thing is true with marketing.

For example, if your social media plan isn’t working for you, try something new: we’re working with a client now to tap into the mommy blogger market as she never has before and growing her Twitter presence; both are helping greatly with SEO.

If your web ads aren’t providing the desired results, try surveying customers to find out what publications they read–perhaps their answers will surprise you.

In this economy, many high-end retailers have failed: this is the perfect time to diversify inventory and focus on services if the high-end schwag isn’t moving.

Making changes doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong, it just means working hard to try and do the right thing. So we work hard and try, try again.

December 9, 2010

Create an account, then raise it like a baby.

by Kate W. Hall

I met with a new client today that I’m really excited about working with–she’s a second-generation business owner in a traditionally male-dominated field, and with a fun and feisty personality I know we’ll get along swimmingly as we help build her brand with the mom-set in Richmond.

When the topic of social media came up, shock came over her. “Can we just set up an account and tweet once a week or so?” she asked.

I answered resoundingly “No.”

It’s just not enough to create a Twitter, Facebook, Linked In or other social media account and barely update/build/share. It’s practically not worth having at all. With determination and the fire that most entrepreneurs or marketers have in their bellies, integrating social media into the entire strategy is the only way to achieve success. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean sitting at a screen and reading tweets all day, either. Overall, as I’ve stated in a past blog post engagement in social media is the key.

Creating these accounts is a new outlet into a new world of connectivity, branding, and learning that is much like birthing a baby. You can’t just leave the hospital and expect it to raise itself, right?

November 7, 2010

What do you need to be more successful in 2011?

by Kate W. Hall

When reflecting back at 2010 now that we’re almost mid-way through November, it dawned on me: this year has been a great one for & Richmond Rocks.

We’ve grown our readership to over 10,000 unique visitors per month consistently, peaked at 17k hits in our highest month, and have increasingly grown our e-subscriber list. We’ve sold 2,000 Richmond Rocks books and are reprinting, and debuted in Richmond Grid as a print magazine. More importantly, we’ve helped our clients build their brands and reach more Richmond women while donating to non-profits in the Richmond community: thousands of dollars+.

So what’s next?

Being so fortunate to have grown this brand in super-supportive Richmond, VA I’ve had many women come forward and ask how I’ve done it. The answer is multi-faceted, but one that brings me back to this point always: we help each other build our businesses.

To this end we’re considering launching a half-day seminar at a low-cost to help fellow entrepreneurs build their brands. Primarily women, but we’re surely open to men in the audience, too! We’re planning sessions on social media, Twitter, public speaking, and whatever you tell us is most important!


Please take a second to answer a few questions & let us know your thoughts on what would help you move your business forward in 2011, and we’ll help you get there.


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